Wellness Presentations | Saturday, April 28

11:00 am: Essential Oils & Aromatherapy – How They Work, by Debbi Quinn

Traditional practitioners used aromatherapy for a simple reason: it works. Now discover how and why it works…No myths, No dangerous advice. Just the basics backed by decades of experience.

12:00 pm: Yoga as Therapy, by Stephanie Fischer

Whether you are new to yoga or have a regular practice, most of us have experienced the effects of “feeling better” after an asana practice. This might be relief from back pain or simply quieting an overactive mind. Practicing yoga is an opportunity for self-study, to see where we feel healthy, and where we feel discomfort or dis-ease, and to take these observations as our path to self healing. Yoga as a Therapy will be a brief discussion of what health means in a yoga context, and how we can use the practice of yoga to move towards a state of health.

1:00 pm: Holistic Healing, Mental Health & Nutrition, by Carla Fuquay, MS, LMHC, CHC

Viewing life from a holistic perspective as a licensed Psychotherapist, Carla Fuquay, will share the secrets to transforming faulty thinking patterns, emphasizing the importance of creating a self-soothing positive inner world. Mental health is directly influenced by what we put in our bodies and how we digest our food. By eating a healthy diet, we create energy and balance. We also store tension and emotions in our body, and releasing these holding patterns allows for a deeper alignment. In Carla’s extensive experience, treatment and healing from an integrative approach can promote optimum health.

2:00 pm: Superfoods and Smoothies, Their Missing Piece, by Brooke Brockner

Brooke Brockner, owner and founder of Good Green Morning, will share the secrets of green veggie blends, superfoods and smoothies. If you have felt over-indulged or disconnected, as Brooke has living an active island lifestyle, green blends can serve to cleanse and ground. Sharing what she has found with others in her life -and seeing a positive change in them as well – Brooke is on a mission to make green forward blends easily accessible. She has launched her direct-to-consumer subscription blended drink business that focuses on organic and raw ingredients with a mission to educate and enhance a healthy lifestyle.

3:00 pm: Vibe High:  Myths & Misconceptions about Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil Supplements, by Cricket Desmarais 
Yogi, mother, & artist

Cricket Desmarais shares an engaging & lighthearted look at the controversial cannabidioil, a non-psychoactive & nutritional hemp oil supplement used therapeutically to decrease pain, fight cancer, prevent neurodegenerative diseases, & promote health & well-being.  Learn about the body’s endocannabinoid system, the legality of nano-enhanced hemp oil, and the four questions you should ask when purchasing it.

4:00 pm: Full Life Integration and Mindful Parenting, by Layla & Isabela Barr

Layla Barr, and her daughter Bela, share a passion to help people nourish themselves and create a luminous life through the concept of full life integration. This whole life approach to health and happiness is based on the integration of primary foods- soul, vitality, family, creativity and work. Layla and Bela will discuss the concept of full life integration and how to use this approach for mindful and conscious parenting in the modern world.

5:00 pm: Creating Balance within Using Gemstones and Intention, by Karen Moore

Our lives are busy and full of everyday demands, and it’s easy to feel out of balance and stressed. Karen Moore invites you to a moment of ZEN. Learn how to harness your own energy and personal intentions to bring balance into life using gemstones as a catalyst for this shift. During your time with Karen, you will: review the characteristics of the ZEN balancing gemstone collection; practice mindfulness using gemstones as a physical reminder of our intentions; learn to shift energy from stress and negativity to a positive more healthy energy; engage in interactive exercises using gemstones; and go home feeling relaxed and refreshed with a few new tools in your wellness toolkit.

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