Friday, April 5, 2019

Higgs Beach | Wellness Speaker Tent

11 am: “Psychic Hit on Health…Energy Medicine” by Jyl Auxter, PhD

Jyl Auxter, PhD will demystify psychic healing work and discuss why energy medicine is a viable healthcare solution for the 21st Century. Plan on being uplifted and refueled as Jyl offers a group psychic healing. Come experience the magic and fun.

12 pm: “Your Brain on Yoga” by Amber Viles

Every day you wake up with a choice. Reality is yours to create, and we all have the power to set the tone of our lives. Learn how thought patterns are created, how yoga can change the chemistry of your brain, and ways to train your mind to change your life.”

 1pm: “Natural Cosmetics for a Better World” by Danielle Huard

 Danielle’s presentation will dive deep into your bathroom cabinets & cosmetic bags to help you become more conscious about the products you apply to your skin. With more than 75,000 products on the market, it can be difficult to know which ingredients are good for you and the environment and which ones are harmful. Increasingly popular, eco-cosmetics is a responsible, ecological and ethical movement that bans all pollutants and highly harmful chemicals from cosmetic products for health as well as for the environment. Danielle will share an insider’s perspective on the cosmetic industry and offer tips and natural alternatives to get you started on your conscious cosmetic journey.

2 pm: “Essential Keys to a Higher Quality of Mental Health” by Dr. Ryan Barnett

Dr. Ryan Barnett will share how to use the power of the mind to heal the body. Learn ways to prevent and overcome mental health challenges and disease. This will help transform limiting thought patterns, overcome anxiety, worry and overwhelm. Balancing aspects of the mind and body is key to unlock the body’s full potential for greater happiness and health. In Dr. Ryan’s experience, integrating whole-body wellness is essential to truly heal, grow and thrive!

3 pm:  “How Our Gut Influences Mood, Immunity and Well-Being” by Carolina Horn

Carolina will provide the foundation for understanding gut health and the surprising ways our gut influences mood and overall well-being. Learn about the foods and other triggers that could possibly harm your digestion, mental health and immune system. What we eat and how we digest our food directly influences the way we feel everyday. Diet and using a functional approach is one of the most powerful tools we have for bringing balance to the body and boosting the body’s ability to heal. Learn essential keys to nourish yourself from the inside out, supporting all aspects of your health so that you can live the vibrant life you were meant to lead.

4 pm: “A HeartMath ® Sampling” by Nancy Curran

We all make lifestyle choices everyday, some of which build our resilience and others that deplete us. Come learn about HeartMath®, a program that can help you make and support lifestyle choices that build dynamic resilience. Here is a wonderful opportunity to come learn about this powerful resilience building practice. Nancy will be sharing some of the key information that will help you to understand and put into practice tools that can be used on the go to help keep you centered and feeling renewed!

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Higgs Beach | Wellness Speaker Tent

10 am:  “Daily Personal Practices that Lead to Massive Growth” by Sue Cooper

Simple adjustments in our daily routine can greatly improve our overall mindset, mood and attitude. Do you want to feel less stressed, less anxious, more energized, focused and fulfilled? These simple adjustments in your daily routine are a game changer to how you live life EVERY DAY.

11 am: “Keys to Longevity” by Dr. Ryan Barnett

In this talk, Dr. Ryan Barnett will share how longevity can be learned—at any age—beyond our genetics! You will learn anti-aging strategies, ways to feel younger and rituals practiced by 100-year old lifestyle experts.

12 pm: “Spring Clean Your Wellness”

Dr. Ashley Hoyt, A.P. will provide tips on nutrition, recharging your body with acupuncture, removing toxins with massage, cleansing your pores with restorative skin care and overall tips on maintaining a healthy wellness balance.

1 pm: “Essential Oils: Learn the Basics & How to Get Started” by Karen Moore

Karen will teach the basics and how to integrate essential oils into daily life. Many oils are capable of improving your health, relaxing the body and lifting mood. Learn how the benefits of essential oils go well beyond a pleasant smell.

2 pm:  “Crystal Awareness: Creating a relationship with Crystals & Gemstones” by Debra Kupchok

Join Debra Kupchok, certified Crystal Therapist, for a fun and experiential talk where you will learn how to connect to crystals on a deeper level. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned crystal lover, you will learn techniques for attuning to crystals so you can receive their messages and intentions allowing you to bring balance and healing into your life. Debra will share ways to choose crystals, attune to their energies, and program gems for your everyday needs and desires. You will walk away with a better understanding about Crystals & Gems and how to use them in your everyday life.

3pm: “A Mindful Connection” by Leila Dylla

This will be a talk about the mind and its functions, and how we can dive deeper into mindfulness practices to uncover the deeper aspect of who we are- awakening the true heart of yoga.

4pm: “Conflict Resolution” by Elisa Levy

Learn the essentials of dealing with difficult customers, colleagues, bosses, and people in your personal life. This course offers a comprehensive set of skills that can help you transform relationships by giving you the tools to:

    • Understand why people are difficult and how to communicate with them
    • Ask someone to change a behavior appropriately
    • Negotiate an ongoing disagreement and repair a bad relationship
    • Deal with anger – other peoples’ and your own
    • Motivate people to do their best


Sunday, April 7, 2019

Southernmost House | Wellness Speaker Area

10 am: “Conscious Love Truths…Myths vs. Truths” by Jyl Auxter, PhD

Internationally gifted healer, spiritual teacher and author, Jyl joins the Festival to celebrate her latest book, “Conscious Love…7 Relationship Truths for a Modern World.” Whether you are looking for a soulmate, reconnecting with an estranged family member, grieving the death of a loved one or simply seeking a greater connection with yourself, Jyl’s love truths will inspire you to love stronger.

11 am – 1230 pm: “Personal Freedom Workshop” by Leila Dylla

    • No Additional Fee Required
    • Must Sign-Up in Advance
    • We will explore how we can develop personal freedom within our everyday lives through aligning with truth, practicing self love, and trusting the intelligent design of our lives. This workshop will be a mixture of lecture, meditation, and creative writing prompts.

2 pm: “Vibe High: The Botanical Bliss of Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil Supplements by Cricket Desmarais

Fad or Fabulous? Cricket Desmarais invites you to try it for yourself as she shares an engaging & lighthearted look at the non-psychoactive & nutritional hemp oil supplement used therapeutically to promote health & well-being. Learn about the body’s endocannabinoid system, the legality of nano-enhanced hemp oil, the booming industry of CBD, & the four questions you should ask when purchasing it.

4  pm: “Stretching, Essential Oils, & Breathwork for Restful Sleep” by Aryn Daley

When you wake up from sleeping, how do you want to feel? Rested? Energized? How about when you climb into bed? Are there any nightly struggles you’d like to eliminate? The obvious answer is we all want good quality sleep, but knowing how to get it when we’re having difficulty sleeping is trickier than Amazon priming the Sandman to our doorstep. Luckily, there’s a more tangible solution than a fictitious character being delivered to your door. Learn specifics with Aryn on how stretching, using essential oils, & breathwork can help calm the body & result in better sleep. Please bring your yoga mat.


Wellness Workshops

10am-11:30am: Workshop “Healthy Mind Platter” by Susan Seroskie

  • No Additional Fee Required
  • Must Sign-Up in Advance
  • “Our mind, embodied in our extended neural circuitry and embedded in our connections to others… is also in need of careful attention to establish and maintain mental health…Just as you wouldn’t eat only pizza every day for days on end, we shouldn’t just live on focus time alone with little time for sleep.” (“Dr. Dan Siegel,” 2018)
  • In a world where badges of honor seem to be awarded to those who are busy and always on the run, we need to ask ourselves, what is the real impact? Susan will speak on “The Healthy Mind Platter,” covering seven activities essential for healthy brain function. We know our brain and body need food and nutrients to function, but what else do we need to create well-being and optimize brain function? The discussion will be a fun and easy way to learn how to achieve balance and create connectivity in the brain and with others.  It is exciting when science meets practicality. Susan’s workshop is fun and informative – providing simple strategies for a healthy brain and overall wellness.


11:30 am-1 pm: “Intro to Access Bars~Access Consciousness.” Tools to access choice, change, possibility. by Raji Kelley Simpson

  • Additional fee required: $35, includes mini manual.
  • Must Sign-Up in Advance
  • This dynamic workshop will offer tools, techniques, and questions that will skyrocket your perception and knowing to access more choice, change and possibility. Come learn about the ‘bars’ which consist of 32 energy points of the head that relate to different aspects of life (ie: money, relationship, health, communication, sex) that when gently touched, release the electromagnetic charge of thoughts, ideas, considerations and judgments that may be limiting you. Are you ready to receive more ease, bliss, possibility and the totality of YOU?

1 pm-2:30pm: Workshop “Mala Making-Gemstones & Intention Setting” by Karen Moore

  • Additional Fee Required:  $88, includes mala beads and materials
  • Must Sign-Up in Advance
  • Get Creative! Walk away with a personally designed mala bead necklace handcrafted by You! Known traditionally as prayer beads used in meditation in various cultures. This workshop will review a brief overview of the history and uses of malas and will touch on meditation and mantra practices. Today malas have gained popularity not only for use in yoga and meditation, but are also worn for adornment as jewelry. When worn they serve as a physical reminder of your personal intentions and affirmations. In the workshop you will learn about the energetic meaning of the gemstones and natural elements, as you are lead through the creation of your very own mala. All supplies are provided…108 beads (gemstones, wood and natural elements) set on an elastic cord for easy wearing as a necklace or bracelet!

2:30 pm-4 pm: Workshop “Skin Detox” by Danielle Huard

    • $95 fee required
    • Must Sign-Up in Advance
    • Recreate your beauty ritual. Identify nourishing essential oils, carrier oils, & hydrosols for your personalized skin ritual. Analyze and identify the reflex points in your face. Create 4 products for your skin ritual.  Learn about the potential toxicity of your cosmetic ingredients and how to do a skin detox to break free from your conventional cosmetic methods.


4 pm-5:30 pm: Workshop “Mantra and the Art of Writing” by Margot Griffin

  • Additional fee required: $25
  • Must Sign-Up in Advance
  • Join Margot Griffin as we learn about mantras and how they can help us heal, recharge, and maintain ourselves. Participants will learn some basic brush lettering techniques as they are guided through the process of creating a beautiful mantra. Bring only yourself and your mind and plan to take home a finished written mantra to display somewhere meaningful.


Other Wellness Activities

1:30-4:30 pm Crystal Readings with Debra Kupchok

  • Additional Fee Required; Appointments may be made in advance
  • Crystal readings are a great way to gain clarity on issues you are experiencing. Crystal readings can also help you to know what crystals you should wear or carry at this time to assist you in improving any situation. A Crystal Reading can help you release energy blockages and bring healing and balance back to your life.  Each semi-precious gemstone radiates a different energy and has its own unique vibration. The way the stones resonate with you helps you learn about yourself, as well as helps you to identify what is going on in your life and what needs healing and balancing. Crystal readings are a fun and light-hearted way of experiencing the energy of the crystal kingdom.

12-5 pm Energy Medicine Healings with Jyl Auxter, Phd

  • Additional Fee Required: $150; Appointments may be made in advance
  • Experience a private psychic healing with internationally acclaimed Jyl Auxter, PhD. Fall into a blissful state as Jyl balances your subtle body energies. Discuss proactive ways to stay healthy and manage difficult life challenges. Custom healings may include diet, exercise, essential oil and detoxification protocols.


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