Friday | Higgs Beach | Main Yoga Tent

9:00 am    Presence and Belonging, with DJ Drez and Marti Nikko

You belong here and your presence is needed.  Find your voice and set yourself free. Moving into grace with intention and celebration. Let’s bring our spirits together and expand our borders with our voice and heart, creating connections that will serve through infinity. Enjoy community as we practice in devotion with each other. Come exactly as you are, no experience necessary. This workshop will include asana, mantra, discussion and some beautiful dope music by DJ Drez.

10:30 am  Arm Balance Workshop, with Nicolas De Villada

This workshop is designed to give you the tools and fundamentals to develop your arm balance practice. You will start with warm up drills designed to loosen the body, and then move into strengthening drills designed to create awareness and stability in areas that support your arm balances. You will then be guided through different variations to transition into crow, forearm stand, jump backs and throughs, tuck jumps and handstands. This workshop is designed for individuals with a beginner and intermediate understanding of arm balances. You can expect Nicolas to be hands on as he helps you to develop these tools. Come and get your wings!

12:00 pm   Warrior On and Off the Mat, with Natalia Duke

This fluid, creative and grounded flow will support integration of the practice beyond the mat and into day-to-day living, beyond individual healing toward collective transformation. Natalia will provide skills and space for inquiry and reflection on how we can apply yogic concepts, such as ahimsa, towards creating a compassionate and just world for all.

1:30 pm      Living Bhakti Yoga, with Raghunath

This course offers the deep and practical understanding of bhakti – the philosophy and motivation behind our yoga practice. The practice of yoga can revolutionize the body, and for deeper understanding we explore the philosophy of bhakti: the yoga of love. As we move, work and play in this world our devotion and ever-refining intention can revolutionize our lives.

3:00 pm    Holy Hips Workshop, with Dawn B. Feinberg

Hip-opening poses can be physically demanding and emotionally juicy as they encourage us to face tightness in the hip and pelvic region of our body. In this workshop, we will go deep into our hips through a vigorous asana sequence. We will hold poses in order to understand the stories that lie deep within our bodies.

4:30     Sun Salutation Workshop, with Erika Hawks

Come explore Surya Namaskara, Sanskrit for Sun Salutations, as we delve deep into the physical and spiritual aspects of this ancient practice. Ignite your inner fire and glow inside and out. This class will prepare you for the 108 Sun Salutations sunrise offering on Saturday.

Friday | Higgs Beach | Oceanside Yoga Tent

10:30    Pranayama and Meditation: Inhale. Exhale. Repeat, with Gretchen Mills, accompanied with music and mantra by Robin Sunquiet

Through practices of pranayama we replace unconscious, habitual breathing patterns with conscious breathing cycles which create and provide extension and expansion to the body, mind and whole being. These methods activate and regulate our life force, allowing us to experience freedom beyond our mental and physical boundaries or limitations. Enjoy the natural progression from practices of pranayama into moments of meditation where we can open into consciousness and the world of subtle experiences.

12:00    Yoga and Nature, with Margit Biztray

This all-levels class combines movements and postures that connect to the surroundings of the keys. After a brief warm up, we’ll work into a series of poses related to native plants, animals, and elements––incorporating visualizations, breath work, chakra awareness and meditations as we go deeper. Participants are also invited to sit and practice this workshop as a guided meditation, feeling where they are at a deeper, metaphysical level. Come take palm tree pose on a coral rock beach!

3:00     Yoga and the Chakras, Crystal bowl sound healing, with Solaya and  Debra Kupchok

Join Solaya and Debra as they guide you through a journey along the Chakras. This yoga practice will  focus on clearing and balancing the chakras to transcend life’s experiences into pure illumination. As the trees reach for the light, we too as human beings root deeply in the present moment to grow in pure conscious evolution. Working on any one Chakra will affect all of the Chakras. Each Chakra relates to a gem and crystal, a color, and a mantra. During the practice you will experience the pure vibration of the Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls and be inspired by colorful crystals & gemstones. At the end of the practice, relax and experience a guided chakra gemstone meditation to bring harmony to your whole being.

4:30     Restorative Yoga, with Ashley Kamen

Using our breath as a guide, we will explore the path to a deeper level of ease, both physical and mental. This gentle class is specifically designed for those of us with an anxious mind.


Saturday | Edward B. Knight (White Street) Pier

7:15 am   108 Sun Salutations, with Erika Hawks

Description: Sunrise yoga. Spark Agni, your inner fire of purification! Performing The Surya Namaskara, Sun Salutations, 108 times is a sacred way to usher in the new day and can be a truly transformative experience. During these two hours you will build an internal heat that cleanses and detoxifies both your body and your mind. Shine bright like the Sun!!! Accompanied by live music.

6:00 pm  Kirtan Chanting Circle, with Robin Sunquiet

Come experience the ecstatic Yoga of communal Kirtan chanting. Sitting in a circle and getting lost in the repetitive trance of ancient devotional songs brings about a unique state of energized tranquility which compliments any Yogic lifestyle.  Bring your voice and come join in with the community to experience an elevated state like no other.


Saturday | Higgs Beach | Main Yoga Tent

9:00      Opening Meditation with Gershone & Flavia Krishna

9:30     Flight school, with Raghunath

You will literally elevate your physical and spiritual practice with Raghunath, servant of flight, in his famously popular, powerful and playful class – Flight School. Let your own dynamic signature practice take shape, as you push your edge and realize your potential, no matter what level you are at.

11:00    Backbend Workshop, with Nicolas De Villada

This workshop is all about backbends and being receptive! Nicolas will guide you through sun salutations to warm up before he jumps into the fundamentals for
creating safe and deep backbends. Expect to learn how to strengthen your back, psoas
muscles and open your hip flexors. These are key to unlocking the fullest potential of your backbends. The workshop will lead you through a series of backbends, each building on the next one, culminating with the possibility of being assisted with some drop backs. You’ll leave class with a sense of openness and acceptance. All levels are welcome.

12:30    Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, with DJ Drez & Marti Nikko

Worry less about the little things and commit to the magic and beauty of this life. Through asana and breath, let’s begin to let go of our need for perfection and accept what life has to offer with less resistance. Allow the inner journey of devotional exploration along with our powerful emotions help us find our way back to the path of ease and well being. Recalibrate and remember our connection to the greater fabric of this life. Sending out more compassion, love and kindness to each other along the way.  You are not alone! This workshop will include asana, discussion and some beautiful dope music.

2:00     Radhe Krishna Bhakti Flow, with Tara McCabe

A gentle practice filled with love, devotion, and mantra. Celebrating the love of Radhe and Krishna, which symbolizes the eternal love affair between the devoted mortal and the Divine, this practice will include asana, pranayama, meditation, and mantra. We will begin with a gentle flow series designed to open our hearts and prepare our bodies for a comfortable, steady seat. An all levels pranayama practice will follow to ground and balance us energetically prior our meditation, which will focus on the symbolism and energy of Radhe Krishna. Our practice concludes in celebration as we sing and chant the different mantras dedicated to their union. Our souls are yearning for a spiritual awakening, and devotional chanting is a way to help us along this path. All levels are welcome!

3:30     Slow Flow Yoga & Hemp Oil Bliss, by Cricket Demarais and accompanied by live cello

What if you allowed yourself to slow down and soften into the “you” you truly are? What if just being with your breath and nurturing your body through deep awareness & slow, flowing motion was enough? This practice invites you to explore inner shifts through micro-movement, dance-like flow with mindful transitions, the soulful sounds of live cello music, and a slow, steady build towards strength, balance, and flexibility that flows through the breath, is powered by the heart, and supported by a non-psychoactive hemp oil. Experience how a full-spectrum, sublingual, hemp oil (cannabidiol) provides a platform of calm that can quiet the mind, help you breathe more deeply and more consciously, heighten your physical sensation, and prolong the Anandamide “bliss molecule” as it supports you (and your endocannabinoid system) on your journey.  Create space. Breath and connect. Deepen into the beauty and bliss of being you.


Saturday | Higgs Beach | Oceanside Yoga Tent

11:00     Mystical, Magical Stories & Kirtan, with Dawn B. Feinberg

In this class you will be transported into the magical world of the yogic texts. Dawn has a unique ability to take the ancient stories of the deities and retell them in relatable, modern lingo. Listeners can then reflect, and appreciate the significance of stories, to better understand their relevance and applicability to their lives. Once the listener has a personal experience of the mystical, he/she is able to connect that to the kirtan, which is itself a direct line to bliss.

2:00       Sacred Sound + Mantra Bath with Guided Meditation, with Gershone and Flavia

Experience sound healing with a variety of high vibrational instruments and songs to take you on a deep journey to reset and restore the nervous system and expand your heart. We will be working with the healing frequencies of the colors and associated chakras: cleansing, releasing, resetting, activating!

3:30       Ganesha; A Map to Mindfulness, with Marlene Koeing

Join in this exploration of the image of Ganesha and all he has to teach us about being mindful. Learn a bit about yoga philosophy, mythology and ritual. Move through a fluid Qi Gong inspired movement practice, which will bring you into the peace of the present moment. Learn meditation techniques using visualization to calm the mind. LEARN TO BE HERE NOW.


Sunday | The Southernmost House

9:30      Pulse & Groove, with Tara McCabe and Gretchen Mills and accompanied by DJ Drez

Slow strong flow that will awaken the untapped power within. Unleash the beast and your highest potential, with dope music by DJ Drez.

11:00     Half Bikram, with Michelle Rodriquez

An abbreviated session of the traditional 90 minute class, this half Bikram class goes through each of the 26 postures in Bikram yoga once (instead of twice), with two sets of breathing exercises at the beginning and end of the series. A great way to get introduced to Bikram yoga!

12:30     One Love Yoga Class, with Dawn B. Feinberg

Through asana and kirtan we will come together and strengthen the true meaning of yoga, which means to join, or union. Participants will experience a deeper understanding of each yogasana and learn how to overcome obstacles and persevere. Expect a delicious, sweaty yoga class filled with awesome music!

2:00       Elemental Hatha Flow and Sound Meditation, with Jolie Wilson and Ricky Barr

A soul rocking gentle hatha yoga practice infused with kundalini kriyas, restorative postures, and live music of guitar, harmonium, and drums. Bringing knowledge and experience directly from the heart, Jolie simultaneously allows upward expansion and deep-down grounding in the dynamic and spirited energy of her classes. Jolie and her love Ricky Barr combine their musical talents and voices to move you in the depths of your soul. Come and be inspired!

3:30       Cayo Hueso Flow, with Emily Hughes

Cayo Hueso (Key West) Flow is an advanced Hatha/Vinyasa and free movement offering. A lively and vigorous flow designed to leave the worries of the world behind. You can expect fun variations of classic postures (Asanas) while moving and swaying in all directions as the sun shines down and the Trade Winds blow. Modifications and amplifications will be offered. This is an Advanced class so familiarity with postural alignment, a deep and easy connection to breath and the love of expression is recommended for those attending. This class will be accompanied by traditional island music and an opportunity to move as your breath and body call.

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