About Us

We are a collaboration of Key West yoga and wellness providers and enthusiasts and local island businesses. Learn more about us and our not-for-profit Children’s Yoga and Wellness Initiative.

Who we are

The Yoga and Wellness Festival is a collaboration of yoga and wellness providers and enthusiasts and local island businesses that believe in creating powerful mind and body connections to make our world a better place. It has been a joy to collectively create an event where we can all share fun in the sun, healthy lifestyle choices and changes, creative and intelligent movement and expression through yoga and music, and to create time and space to discover our highest potential. When we step away from our busy lives, we realize how important it is to give to ourselves and to each other.

With the unique and powerful combination of live music, yoga, meditation and relaxation, and this collective group energy, the result is much needed expression of positive emotion and liberating freedom of mind in a time of great societal and environmental challenges. Join us in this collective consciousness to smile continuously and stand in your power, which undoubtedly inspires others to do the same.


The Children’s Yoga and Wellness Initiative

A portion of the proceeds from the Festival will be donated to the Children’s Yoga and Wellness Initiative (CYWI), a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring yoga and wellness programs to our youth and especially to our school systems. We believe that the earlier in life that we can adopt healthy habits and lifestyle choices, the better our society will become.

How you can help

As a community, we ask that you support the CYWI by donating to the cause at the Festival, by participating in raffles and other fund raising efforts during the Festival, and by donating your Festival yoga mat at the end of the weekend’s festivities. The yoga mats will be provided to CYWI for use in its youth yoga and wellness programs.

Tickets on sale now

2019 VIP Tickets

Four-Day VIP Package

2019 General Admission

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Contact Us


(305) 587-9115



Festival Event Locations

Higgs Beach

Hemingway House

Green Pineapple Wellness Center

Southermost House

Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory


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